Blan PD: Wilmington man charged for allowing underage drinking

News Journal

BLANCHESTER — A Blanchester man was charged after police say numerous people under age 21 were drinking alcohol at the home in which he lives.

Late Friday night, May 11, Blanchester police received an anonymous tip that underage people were consuming alcoholic beverages at a party in the 900 block of East Cherry Street. Officers found the party at 924 E. Cherry St. and saw approximately 20 people in the back yard, according to Police Chief Scott Reinbolt.

“Upon police officers entering the back yard, several of the individuals fled into a wooded area behind the home,” Reinbolt said. “The majority present stayed put. Numerous beer cans and liquor bottles could be seen in plain view.”

He said that all 15 people present were interviewed and were found to be in the age range of 18-22 years, with only one being age 21 or over.

“Those who had been drinking alcoholic beverages were permitted to phone a sober driver for a ride home; several of the 18 year-olds still live at home with parents, and their parents were called to pick them up and were briefed on the circumstances,” Reinbolt said.

He said that the host of the party was found to be Cade James, 18, who resides in Wilmington, but who was hosting the party at his father’s home at 924 E. Cherry St.

”Cade’s father was out of town for the weekend, but was contacted by police via phone and stated he had no idea a party was taking place at his residence,” Reinbolt said. “Cade told officers he invited a few friends over for a gathering, but more and more people kept showing up, and the situation got out of hand.”

On Monday morning Blanchester police filed a criminal charge against Cade James for allowing underage persons to consume beer or intoxicating liquor on premises he controlled, said Reinbolt, adding that the charge is a misdemeanor and will be heard in Clinton County Municipal Court.

News Journal