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Board to host open forum; seeks input, shares plans

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WILMINGTON – Area residents and businesses are urged to participate in an open forum Tuesday, Nov. 17 sponsored by the board of trustees of the Murphy Theatre Community Center.

Dave Morgan of Sabina, president of the theatre’s board, said the forum is an important opportunity for sharing ideas, preservation/restoration plans, accomplishments and concerns about the theatre as it prepares for its centennial celebration in 2018.

The moderated forum is scheduled for 7 p.m. Tuesday at the Murphy Theatre, 50 W. Main Street in Wilmington.

The theatre is a gift that has afforded the community a continuous variety of entertainment throughout its nearly 100 years. The board of trustees welcomes input to learn how it might be better stewards of this incredible resource.

Since 2011, efforts to preserve the theatre have accelerated with “great impetus” from the Ohio General Assembly that appropriated more than $1.1 million for preservation of the grand building this year.

“Initial preservation has been completed on the structure’s roof which has stopped water infiltration,” Morgan said. “Masonry tuck pointing has begun which will be completed in the spring of 2016. Other projects are in the works addressing interior and exterior preservation.”

“It is important that people know what we are doing to preserve the theatre,” he added, “and vital that the board of trustees understand more clearly how this institution can better serve area residents and businesses.”

“We owe a great debt of gratitude to House Speaker Cliff Rosenberger (R-Clarksville) and Sen. Bob Petersen (R-Sabina), who have been unfailing supporters of our efforts to preserve this unique institution,” Morgan said. “We know that the opportunity now given to our community would not be possible without their vital assistance.”

“We welcome every idea and critique of our work to make this theatre more user friendly, and hope to see a large audience ready to voice their hopes and concerns,” Morgan added.

About the Murphy Theatre

The Murphy Theatre is a community theatre opened in 1918 by Charles Murphy and has been a testament to the thriving local arts community and a rich architectural history. As an arts and cultural center, The Murphy Theatre hosts live theatre productions, films, concerts and performing artists to support this enduring legacy. It serves as a location for public meetings, business meetings, business trainings, lectures, weddings, reunions, political debates and events. To learn more about the history of The Murphy Theatre, or to become a theatre supporter, please visit or call 937-382-3643. courtesy Murphy Theatre courtesy Murphy Theatre
Board to host open forum; seeks input, shares plans

Staff report