WCS unveils new website; District: It’s more informative, easier to navigate and more useful for all

District: It’s more informative, easier to navigate and more useful for all

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WILMINGTON — Wilmington City Schools recently unveiled a new website.

For nearly 10 years WCS has been operating a website through Google Sites that, while functional, lacked many of the newer features available in web design, according to the district.

Over the past few months, WCS staff members have been hard at work with the web developer, Legend Web Works LLC. Their goal was to make the website more informative, easier to navigate, and useful to parents, students, staff, and community members, according to information provided by Wilmington City Schools.

Don Sutton, Director of Technology at Wilmington City Schools, pointed out several highlights of the new site. From frequently used shortcuts in the top navigation bar, to a helpful Forms & Documents page, the site is organized in response to staff/parent/community comments and questions over the last few years.

The newly designed website builds on recent work within the district to refine their mission and to improve communication with parents and the community.

With the conversion of WCS elementary schools to grade level centers, the district felt that it was the perfect time to update the website and make it easier for parents to find the information that they need quickly.

As you move between school web pages you’ll notice a more consistent structure. Their hope is that it will make it easier for parents who may have children in multiple buildings.

Also, parents will find a helpful PTO/Boosters/Volunteers page under Parent Resources. Once the school year has begun and these groups are organized, you’ll be able to keep up with PTO and Booster meetings and events.

They plan to keep a central online document on the page that will give you all the information you need for each support organization. You can also research how to become a volunteer at WCS.

The website is still being tweaked and a mobile version will be finalized soon.

WCS would like to encourage parents, students, and community members to provide feedback on the new site so that they can continue to improve.

Just email your feedback to info@wilmington.k12.oh.us or contact Don Sutton 937-382-1641, ext 7421. Through partnership with Legend Webworks and the sponsorship of Side Effects, WCS was able to have this new website for virtually no cost, the district stated.

Be sure to check out the website today at WilmingtonCitySchools.com for all of your back-to-school information.

District: It’s more informative, easier to navigate and more useful for all

News Journal