Website launched for city’s Castle Park II playground project

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WILMINGTON — The Wilmington Parks and Rec Department, together with the fundraising committee for the Castle Park II playground project, is excited to announce the launch of a new website —

The site will be solely focused on providing the community with important construction, fundraising and event updates as they relate to the building of the new Castle Park II playground, which will replace the current castle playground located at the J. W. Denver Williams Jr. Park.

The new website will showcase the proposed playground design features, many of which were added as a direct result of feedback gathered from children in the Wilmington community.

In addition, sponsorship information and opportunities will be posted and fundraising progress can be seen and tracked.

Community members and businesses can also now make donations for the project online, through donation links found on the site. A list of upcoming events that are organized specifically for the Castle Park II project can also be found online.

The new website design and development was made possible through a generous, in-kind donation made by 30 Lines — a full-service marketing agency based in Columbus, with clients served in Wilmington and Clinton County.

“There is a lot of excitement and inquiries surrounding this project,” said Jermaine Isaac, Superintendent of the Wilmington Parks and Rec Department. “This new website will allow us to keep people actively aware of our progress and give the community access to information on how to get involved as well. The generosity of 30 Lines to develop this platform for us is greatly appreciate and a job well done!”

Kristi Fickert, Fundraising Chairperson for the project, stated, “We know one of the most critical components of any successful fundraising campaign is to create awareness and make it as easy as possible for people to get involved and donate to the cause and we are so fortunate to now have an online platform to do exactly that.”

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