City council: Updates on spring fixes to SR 134, cemetery bridge

By John Hamilton -

WILMINGTON — Safety/Service Director Brian Shidaker gave updates surrounding city projects including street paving and activities at Sugar Grove Cemetery during Thursday’s Wilmington City Council meeting.

When talking about this year’s street paving, Shidaker said they used approximately 40 million pounds of asphalt. For a comparison, Shidaker said it was the equivalent of 2,800 African elephants.

When looking toward next year, he said, “we’re way into that as far as design.” Specifically, he talked about the State Route 134 project which would go from the corporation line around Brausch’s Brewery and up through the city.

“What we’ve had to deal with is the railroad crossing as well, because that’s completely separate,” he said, adding that if they got within 50 feet without permission from railroad officials they could get in trouble.

But they had worked it out with them, meaning the crossing is going to be repaired/replaced as part of the project.

With the Sugar Grove Cemetery bridge, he indicated that it will be reopened by next spring and that there had been some issues getting it fixed.

“Something I wanted to get done immediately is now taking a long time to fix,” he said.

There were multiple reasons as to why it’s taken so long including design, that fact that it’s historical, and they have to make sure they don’t disrupt the bat environment.

“Long story short, the cemetery bridge, it’s a great deal for the city as far as grant money we’re going to be receiving. It just takes time to get it. So, be patient,” he said.

Also during council:

• Judiciary Chair Matt Purkey reminded the council and attendees there would be a public hearing on a possible zoning update for the city at the Nov. 15 council meeting.

By John Hamilton

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574

Reach John Hamilton at 937-382-2574