Lawmakers pass ‘stand your ground’ bill, eye abortion limits

COLUMBUS (AP) — Lawmakers in the Ohio House have begun a lame-duck session by approving “stand your ground” gun legislation that eliminates a requirement to retreat in confrontations before using deadly force.

The GOP-controlled House voted 64-26 Wednesday in favor of the bill, a supermajority large enough to override Republican Gov. John Kasich’s expected veto.

Backers say the bill puts Ohio in line with about 35 other states. The legislation goes next to the Senate.

The House also was debating and expected to approve a so-called “heartbeat bill” Thursday. The stringent proposal would ban abortions in Ohio after the first fetal heartbeat is detected, as early as six weeks into a pregnancy. Kasich vetoed a similar bill in December 2016, siding with opponents who contend it is unconstitutional.