By Kappa Delta Sorority

WILMINGTON — The women of Kappa Delta Sorority at Wilmington College recently got together with the Girl Scouts and did an activity with the theme of “Falling into Confidence with KD.”

The girls put their handprints on a tree that was painted on a banner, with the theme written above it. Their handprints represented their leaves on the tree, as they would be “Falling into Confidence.”

The girls also made their own badges, on which they wrote a word that they thought best described themselves. Some of the girls put words like, “loving” or “caring” and they shares with everyone else what they put on their badges.

The women of Kappa Delta love getting to spend time with and inspire confidence in the Girl Scouts. They are one of the main philanthropies that they support, and they do many activities with them throughout the year.

They believe that every girl should grow up having the confidence to do what they believe in, and to never give up on chasing their dreams. photo

By Kappa Delta Sorority