Dr. Hayes shares Amazon experiences

By The English Club

The English Club had itsMarch meeting at the First Christian Church with Sue Miars, Donna Barnhart and Daphne Blackburn serving as hostesses. Guests were D. D. Breckel and Dr. Ruth Hayes. President Nancy Jones announced that Sharon Breckel was going to be inducted as an Outstanding Woman of Clinton County on Saturday.

The program “The Blue Boat on the Amazon River Experience” was presented by Dr. Ruth Hayes. It took more than two years for Dr. Keith Holton to talk her into going on the first journey. She went four times — in 2000, 2002, 2004 and 2006. Each trip was 10 to 12 days long.

It was very hot and humid. They were in the rain forest teeming with bugs! They were told to bring the strongest bug repellent and the strongest sunscreen they could find, and nothing that was scented.

They took their own hammocks and mosquito nets. The river water was muddy and full of piranhas. They had a cook on the boat, who cooked in a sanitary way, but there were no raw vegetables or ice. And, no electricity.

Each village had dirt streets and buildings were built on stilts or floats for when the river flooded. They often used the school house for a make shift clinic.

They took surgical kits from Clinton Memorial Hospital and treated patients along the way. They were the only medical help these villagers had ever seen. The Brazilian physicians put a stop to Americans coming to their country to treat their people, but these physicians never went back to the villages, so they remain untreated.

March birthdays for our club members were Nancy Williams, Nancy Bernard and Judy Sargent. They each received a hand painted picture from President Nancy. Roll call was answered by telling our first sign of spring.

April hostesses will be Sharon Breckel, Shirley Katter and Joan Burge.

Those attending were Donna Barnhart, Nancy Bernard, Daphne Blackburn, Sharon Breckel, Joan Burge, Beverly Drapalik, Susan Henry, Nancy Jones, Shirley Katter, Anne Lynch, Sue Miars, Joyce Peters, Judy Sargent, Jean Singleton, Helen Starkey, Avonelle Williams and Nancy Williams.

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By The English Club