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The music studios are always busy with lessons at For A Song & A Story.

The music studios are always busy with lessons at For A Song & A Story.

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Originally conceived as a part-time business, the idea behind For A Song & A Story was to provide a joint endeavor between Cindy Shivers and her mother, Eleanor Huffman, as an antique and book booth in the Shoppes at the Old Mill. Little did anyone know in 1999 it would turn into the venture that it is today.

Initially named “For A Song” the idea was that you could buy desirable vintage items for a reasonable price. Some of those original items and ideas drive the business as it stands in 2017.

Used books and used musical instruments are two examples of merchandise available throughout the last 15 years. The owners’ love of shopping and perusing antique stores, flea markets, auctions and yard sales is telling when customers first enter the store.

The eclectic atmosphere brings shoppers back time after time to look through and purchase various treasures of past nostalgia.

The upstairs, which we call the “Second Story” holds thousands of used books accompanied by an excellent environment of places to relax and read. Many people comment on the relaxing areas that are provided in the book area. Combined with the complimentary coffee, a person can get a good idea of what life may have been like in a bygone era.

Also, in the upstairs area are small antique and vintage pieces with accompanying ephemera. We recommend this experience to anyone who feels a need to relax from the everyday world.

On the main level of the store a different feeling comes about for our more musically inclined individuals. Here, music becomes the topic of conversation as folks get the feel of a presence of artistry and enjoyment in the retail area and the music studios.

On any given weekday, the music studios are busy with lessons. All ages and levels of students participate. Some with experience, some who are beginners, and even some who may be professional looking to brush up on the fine art of performance.

Here is where we shine brightest, providing top-notch instruction for anyone who wants to venture into the world of music. Over 200 students come in each week and take instruction from about 20 different instructors. The list of opportunities is nearly endless and includes piano, voice and drums as well as nearly any instrument you can imagine.

In connection with this service is the retail music instrument area. Here you may look at many used instruments for sale. The selection is comprehensive and price range reasonable. Guitars, violins and band instruments are available and on display.

Another important aspect of the music offerings is our exclusive rent-to-own plan which is offered through our parent company Music and Arts. Here a student may rent or purchase an instrument for personal use or a school band or orchestra program. This handy program is the most economic way to obtain an instrument.

For A Song & A Story is also involved in many community activities including sponsoring Clinton County TubaChristmas the first Saturday after Thanksgiving.

The music studios are always busy with lessons at For A Song & A Story. music studios are always busy with lessons at For A Song & A Story. Courtesy photo

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