Emmaus Walk for Women upcoming

By Wilmington Emmaus

WILMINGTON — The Walk to Emmaus is an ecumenical movement designed to further the leadership in our local churches. After many prayers, tribulations and perseverance, the Wilmington Area Walk to Emmaus was granted a charter from the Upper Room in Nashville, Tenn.

The governing body planned on having five walks per year. There would be three walks for women and two for men. It was decided to start with six tables with six pilgrims, or attendees, at each table. Due to the large amount of applications, it was later increased to seven tables to help those who applied to attend quicker.

A very large number of people have benefited from attending these weekends. Currently the numbers have dropped, but there will be a Women’s Walk #100 beginning on Thursday, Oct. 25 and ending Sunday, Oct. 28.

If you have attended a Walk to Emmaus weekend, in any community in the world, you are encouraged to support this weekend. As you can imagine, it takes lots of people to make a weekend successful. There are slots to fill on the prayer chart, to work in the kitchen, to clean the bathrooms, logistics or even to help carry the luggage of the newest pilgrims.

Most of you will have great memories of your time spend on your walk. We want the newest pilgrims to also have such wonderful memories.

For more information about the Wilmington Area Emmaus Community, visit Wilmingtonemmaus.org.

By Wilmington Emmaus