It takes a county to raise a fair

The 2016 Clinton County Fair begins today, but it’s been 365+ days in the making.

Beginning with the end of the previous year’s fair — and really, even earlier — volunteers and employees young and old were hard at work to make the next fair bigger and better, tweaking existing events, adding others, planning schedules and procuring sponsors, equipment, entertainment and more.

4-H youths by the hundreds planned and implemented their project(s) for 2016. Advisors worked with them, and parents helped out as needed, including shuttling them back and forth to meetings and other events. And don’t forget, even the many fair judges had to prepare.

Clinton Countians — as well as attendees from other counties — who aren’t showing or otherwise participating in the fair probably know someone who is.

And now the 2016 fair itself, which this year is July 9 through 16, has arrived. It’s about families, fun, food, rides and music, as well as animals, barns, displays, showmanship and learning. It’s about smiles and laughter, it’s about sights and smells (some good, some …).

We hope you’ll attend the 2016 Clinton County Fair. You’re not only all invited — chances are, you’re some part of it anyway.