Trump’s delusion of intuition

The departure of Gen. James Mattis is unfortunate for this President and for the country — maybe tragic. The reason is not that he is a fine man and a great patriot, though he is both. And the reason is not that he is right about Syria and the President is wrong. The reason is that the President and the country need his experience and his mind.

Gen. Mattis is not only a tough dude but a thinker — a deep thinker. The President should want him around for this alone.

But also, because of his background and his inclination to scholarship and reflection, Mr. Mattis was the one person who could stand up to the President and retain his respect. The President needs that. The country needs that.

If the President truly thinks he knows best about all things at all times and that he does not need people like James Mattis near him, advising him and working for him, he is apt to make some very great mistakes. But the delusion of superior intuition and understanding is the mother of all mistakes.

— The Blade