Proposed green new deal won’t work

There’s a movement in America to change to green energy. In other words, using sunshine and wind only as our energy sources. They say if this change is not made immediately, our world will be destroyed in 12 years. But then they say it would take 20 years to complete the change. So what would be the point?

They tell us green energy will be cheaper. Really? California’s governor mandated that all homes have solar energy no later than May 2020. If not, they face thousands of dollars in fines each month until it’s in place. The average cost to install solar per home is $8,000. Consequently, California residents are leaving the state at a rate of 600,000 per year for the past four years. The ones who have stayed and installed solar energy have one component in common: they all have a garage to house the dozens of batteries required. On the wall above the batteries is a 4-foot by four-foot inverter. Don’t have an attached garage? You have to build one because that inverter must touch the house it’s powering.

Now let’s discuss windmills. Their heavy blades only turn with a strong wind, not a breeze. Also, while windmills do make a small amount of usable energy, they cannot store that energy. It’s sporadic at best, so you’ll need a backup source. Scientists say it would take four windmills (one acre apart) to make even partial energy for one average home. Where would you put all the tens of thousands of them inside a city?

The sun doesn’t shine all the time, everywhere. The wind doesn’t blow all the time, everywhere. Seems like the green new deal people haven’t thought this all the way through.

Dottie Flaugher