Stanforth works for city, more progress ahead

I have known Mayor John Stanforth for most of my adult life. Before being mayor, I knew him as a hardworking, no-nonsense, well-respected remodeling contractor.

As a city councilman the first two years of John’s term, I did not work as closely with him as I have since being elected council president. In this position, I interact often with John and his staff on a more administrative level and have found him to still be a hardworking, no-nonsense, well-respected mayor.

As mayor, he made three promises: He would pave city streets. He would enforce building codes on houses/properties not kept up. He would balance the budget. John has followed through on all of these promises: City streets paved, some of which had not been paved in 30 years. Aggressive enforcement of building codes, including demolition of numerous buildings that were not only eyesores, but potentially dangerous to the community. For three years he presented a balanced budget, with adequate carryover, to council. That’s 3 for 3 in my book!

In my association with John, I have found him to be a man always doing his best to keep his word while keeping the best interests of the citizens of Wilmington at heart. He is honest to a fault! He has followed through on all his promises but has more to accomplish!

I hope you agree with me that we as Wilmingtonians will be well-served to re-elect John Stanforth to a second term as mayor on May 7!

Mark McKay