McKay man of integrity and commitment

I am writing in enthusiastic support of Jonathan McKay for 1st Ward Wilmington City Council. When I met Jonathan as a fellow student of political science and history at Ohio Dominican University, one thing became very apparent: Jonathan was not like most students. He was as devoted and engaged outside of the classroom as he was within.

Heavily involved in the campus community, Jonathan rose to leadership positions in every organization in which he participated – from enhancing campus life through Student Senate to administering the organizational bylaws of the student theatre program, he left behind a legacy of service and commitment still felt on campus.

Jonathan’s commitment to service did not waver after graduation; rather, he entrenched himself back into his hometown community – one he often shared with his friends from Columbus. Whether rounding a group together for the Clinton County Corn Festival or an evening at the General Denver, Jonathan expressed great pride in where he came from and was happy to share it with others.

As a public servant, he has kept the fire alive by tirelessly studying the issues challenging his community. His deeply rooted compassion for the residents of Wilmington – extending far beyond the scope of the 1st Ward – are what drive him to work until he pulls out what little hair he has left.

Jonathan McKay is a man of character and integrity with selfless devotion to the common good. That is why I excitedly proclaim my support of his reelection to City Council.

Justin Parrett