McKay a friend to community

Jonathan McKay and I have been friends for over a decade; while I don’t remember the moment we met, I’ve seen him introduce himself enough times to know how it happened: “Jonathan McKay, glad to meet you”, firm handshake, eye contact, and sincerity. Through the years I have learned that Jonathan McKay is much more than a firm handshake; he is the epitome of public servant, always putting the needs of the community ahead of his own.

Whenever we have a moment to catch up he will say his family is well, then rhapsodize about the happenings in Wilmington, Ohio: The new paving project and how it impacts his ward, upcoming local events like the Third Friday, grand openings of new establishments in the area, and this year’s plans for the Corn Festival. Jonathan McKay lives and breathes Wilmington.

Over the past 10 years Jonathan and I have done a lot together, including various elected councils at Ohio Dominican, where we both attended college. Through it all, Jonathan McKay has always been the friend who will go the extra mile — you never have to ask him to do something twice, because if something needs to be done, he already has a plan to rally everyone together and get to work.

If re-elected to Wilmington City Council Ward 1, Jonathan McKay will continue to work hard for the city he has always loved and for the people who make Wilmington special. Please vote for him on May 7.

Sarah Krosse