Stealing lights from Christmas

To the person without a heart: I’m a 97 year-old woman on a fixed income and I live alone. To decorate this Christmas, I bought some beautiful animated outdoor lights and put them on my front lawn. They made a green shimmering and firefly-like light pattern that blanketed my front yard, bushes and trees. In the evening, I enjoyed watching the lights dance around and through the window in my living room. They helped me get into the Christmas spirit. In fact, they were comforting and (sort of) kept me company. My friends all commented on how unique and pretty my yard was and I was so proud.

And now, someone has taken that away! To the person who is responsible: I don’t know how you had the nerve to sneak in my yard, walk up to my porch to unplug and steal one of the only joys I had at Christmas!? How could you be so cruel?

Stella Boring