Rec levy investment in every one of us

When you look at other communities that are flourishing, you notice that the number one difference between them and us is community involvement. The second difference you will notice is that those communities have built a place for that community involvement to take place.

We have demonstrated time and time again that we can, as a community, come together and lift others. What if we could do this in a larger scale? For the whole county? This is the opportunity that we are presented with the Clinton County Wellness Center.

By creating a gathering point, each one of us can become a resource for our community. We can teach others skills that are necessary for our development (think adulting skills to young adults). We can have a safe place for our youth to gather and burn energy and socialize with each other, something they desperately need.

This will take your financial support, but what better investment to make then into improving your own county? And to those that are concerned about how the project will be carried out? Get involved! Getting involved ensures that your concerns are heard and considered. Because, let’s be honest friends, this is an investment in our home, in our friends, our neighbors, our elderly population, and our youth.

This project can potentially affect every citizen in our county and can improve the way investors, community projects, potential citizens and other organizations look at our county. Vote “yes” for Clinton County Joint Recreation District levy!

Claudia Martini-Garlo