Recalling the late David Bailey

I’m recalling my experience with Clinton County Commissioner David Bailey. I felt like I should tell about my experience with him many years ago.

In July 1982, my husband Sam and I moved to Clinton County with our son, Scott. Sam had retired from the U.S. Navy after 22 years of service. He had a long and exciting Navy career, being on submarines and as a SCUBA diver working in the Explosive Ordnance Disposal. So after such an exciting life, we settled into retirement in Clinton County, but even though retired, we still had to rejoin the workforce.

Sometime around 1985 I was employed by National Bank and Trust on the teller line. I got to know David Bailey by casually talking to him at the bank. One day David came in and cashed a check with me and went on his way. After a short time, he returned and went to the head teller. They approached my teller window to inform me that David believed I had shorted him $20. Her reply was that was against bank procedure, and David left upset.

Later that day, David came back in to the bank and went to the head teller again. He then came to my window and proceeded to tell me that he remembered where the $20 had gone — he said he owed someone he worked with that money and had paid them back. He said some time had passed and he counted his money again and didn’t recall paying his friend back, so he thought I had shorted him.

He apologized to me and I fully accepted. We were both relieved and I felt great respect for him. I knew he was an honest man; he didn’t have to come back into the back and clear this up for me. My faith in the human man was restored.

Sue Powell