Hopkins will work for people of county

Most people are aware that we have three candidates running for the soon-to-be vacant office of the Clinton County Recorder. Those are Kelly Hopkins, Jonathan McKay, and Tanya Snarr.

All three of these people are good, upstanding citizens of our county. However, in my opinion one stands out above the others — Kelly Hopkins.

I have known Mr. Hopkins for many years. He has always been a person who is detail-oriented. I have personally seen this from the time he was a Wilmington Police Department officer up to and including his current position as Chief Bailiff for the Common Pleas Court. Mr. Hopkins has always performed his duties to the best of his abilities. He always gives 100 percent to whatever job he takes on.

I believe that it would be a smooth transition for Kelly to move from the court to the recorder’s office. Kelly has experience in the day-to-day operations of a county office. (His current position requires administrative duties required to run a county office). Kelly would be able to start on day one performing the duties of that office.

As a retired county employee with 40 years of service to Clinton County, I have seen many elected officials come and go. Kelly will make a good elected official. Kelly is a hard-working public servant who enjoys working for the people of Clinton County.

Please join me and vote for Kelly Hopkins as our next Clinton County Recorder.

Mike Sutton