Blanchester EMS needs your ‘yes’ vote

We are writing to you the citizens of Marion Township and Village of Blanchester urging you to vote “yes” on the Blanchester EMS levy on the March 17 ballot.

Eighteen years ago, you voted yes to support your Life Squad, knowing that as a community we needed their skills. They have done an outstanding job taking care of us. Now we, the citizens, need to take care of them so they can continue to do and improve their ability to serve us. Just like our own homes, equipment, medical expenses, building/equipment maintenance and utilities have all risen to levels never seen before. Skipping one $10 meal once a month at McDonald’s will pay for the tax increase for most of us.

If you do have insurance or if you do not, you will never be personally billed the cost of an ambulance run. The EMS needs our help now; you may need their help in the future. Please Vote “yes” for EMS!

Marion Township Board of Trustees

Greg Hefner, George Cook, Gary Moore

Jean Richards, Fiscal Officer