Support healthcare workers, first responders

The coronavirus has spread unabated across the world like a mysterious, invisible, silent sci-fii thriller in a non-discriminating manner, devastating millions of people in its path. If you are human, you are susceptible. You may be isolated, but you are not alone.

Soldiers in battle often know where the enemy is and are well-armed. First responders and medical workers are on the front lines in a war against an invisible enemy. Too often, their protective gear is scarce or is used beyond its intended date. Doctors and nurses go into battle daily wondering if they will contract the virus from the next patient and then take it home to their family. Many have died caring for others.

You may wonder how you can show support to the health care workers. Since Desert Storm, Americans have thanked veterans for their service. In light of the current crisis and the bravery of those in the medical field, isn’t it time we thank them for their sacrifice and service as well?

If you know a health care professional, thank them personally. Have your children create a poster thanking them, and then post in your front window or in the rear window of your vehicle. It can be as simple as a captioned smiley face emoji or a thumbs up emoji.It could be a hand drawn picture of a doctor or a nurse, with a caption. Be creative.

Magnetic ribbons were produced supporting our troops during Desert Storm. A montage picture of a soldier saluting health care workers could be created. A magnetic decal of such a scene for your ‘fridge or vehicle would be great.

The best way to support health care workers is to stay home. Stay safe and healthy.

Don Spurling