No one should be going hungry

I was watching “Today” on NBC this morning (April 13) and there was a segment on the food banks. It showed a whole parking lot of cars waiting at a food bank to get food to feed their family at a time with unemployment is so high and children not in school where in some cases that might of been the only to whole meals some of them might have had … so sad.

The next segment was about the farmers plowing under crops of green beans, tomatoes and a huge warehouse showing a farmer holding an ear of sweet corn saying they would have to throw it all away because they could not sell it and then there is the milk being dumped.

I just don’t understand why local, state and government officials are letting this happen. Why can’t this be donated to homeless shelters, food banks or even our community? Shame on them and shame on us for letting this happen. There shouldn’t be one person in this country got to bed hungry, let alone be it a child when we have so much that it’s OK to throw away masses of food just cause it can’t be sold. What a shame.

Craig E. Phillips