Either way, voting is safe

Voters can vote in-person on Nov. 3 at a Clinton County polling place. At the polls, every effort will be made to provide safety: Use of masks, social distancing, and cleansing. A voter with any disability will receive help.

Provisional ballots are provided and will be counted if there are any questions regarding voter address or other matters.

Voters can vote by mail! You can call the Board of Elections at 937-382-3538 or visit the board at 111 S. Nelson Ave., Suite 4 to obtain an “Absentee Ballot Application.” (This should be done soon, since the actual ballot will be sent out Oct. 6) The form is easy to fill out, and can be mailed, or delivered to the Board of Elections.

Voting by mail is safe, and free of any impropriety. Now and in the future, ease and safety of voting is vitally important. Voting is a right and a duty. Your vote affects your country, and your life.

Paul W. Skogstrom