Americans need to wake up

Has everyone in this country lost their minds? I cannot believe the hate that exudes from the majority of the Democrats and the media toward our president, all stemming from the fact that they dislike President Trump’s way of speaking. Many of whom including Biden and Obama should be locked up for the 2016 plot to keep him out of office by acting on beliefs rather than facts, thus starting the Russia hoax that brought about the Mueller Report which cost $25.2 million of taxpayer money. Then came impeachment costing another $40 million.

Now when people are suffering, the Democrats cannot take time to meet and compromise with Republicans to get help to those in need. Since the Democrats are in the midst of their latest scam to mail ballots to everyone on the voter registry, Nancy rushed them back on Saturday to try to give the post office another $25 billion which the postmaster general testified was not necessary since they have plenty of money to handle the mailings.

I don’t know why absentee balloting isn’t being suggesting by Dems, which is safer because ballots are requested by an application and verified before the ballot is sent. Those would ensure that our election would be free from fraud. It’s amazing how Dems twist all things Trump like saying he wants the post office to fail. He wants a fair election unlike 2016. I suggest all you never-Trumpers take a look at the facts before you hate.

Beverly DiCenzo