Decency, democracy: What’s your sign?

Signs are everywhere. Some support candidates for the election. Others deliver a message.

Less than a half-mile from me is a block of 12 homes, all occupied by seniors, with eight of them displaying signs – two for Trump, six for Biden.

I saw a sign in another neighborhood, paired with a Trump sign, which read: “Just Say No to Socialism.” It made me wonder what about socialistic-type policies they want to say “No,” to? Surely not Medicare or “Social” Security, two extremely popular programs.

I remember the outcry from older adults of both parties when an attempt was made to privatize (read, “capitalize”), such government-provided benefits. “Don’t you dare touch my Social Security or Medicare!”

Maybe it’s a socialistic Medicare for everyone they don’t like, leaving those still working stuck with billion-dollar corporations inserted between them and their medical providers, making for-profit decisions on what gets covered and what doesn’t, if indeed, they are fortunate enough to still have health insurance, again at risk in the courts.

Certainly, they don’t want a dictatorship like those that came with socialism in other countries, even as many blindly go along with the current movement toward our own authoritarian form of government.

What’s your sign say, posted or not? Since only one sign per villa is permitted in the retirement community where I live, I took down one that endorsed a presidential candidate. In its place, for now, is one that reads, “Vote for Decency and Democracy!”

Rev. Jim Graham