Support gem in Clinton County’s crown

How many of us drive past the white house on the corner of Locust and Lincoln every day? This home formerly known as Rombach Place — currently known as the Clinton County History Center — is one of the hidden gems in Clinton County’s crown. Did you know they house a vast collection of artifacts tied to our county, and they keep the genealogical records of our county’s ancestors? And so much more.

I challenge every resident of Clinton County, every CEO and owner of a Clinton County business, to donate/give to this wonderful keeper of Clinton County’s treasures. I urge you to make an appointment and take a tour, to buy a yearly membership, to buy something in their gift shop, to support this holder of our heritage.

A tour only costs $5, a family membership only costs $35, and a donation is tax-deductible — this is a small cost to ensure our history — Clinton County’s history — is here for us, for our children and for our grandchildren for years to come.

During these unprecedented times this museum needs our help more than any other time. I urge you to make a difference.

Buffy Boatman

Museum volunteer