RIP Claire: ‘Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats’

“Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats!”

When I recently heard that Claire Ann Ledford had passed away, I reflected on those words. For as long as I can remember, Claire Ledford was a Blanchester icon and legend.

Loud, proud, and full of energy, Claire would greet you with a hug, pat on the back, and, of course, “Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats!” As a member of the Blanchester Local School District Board of Education, her house was always open for conversation. Everyone was welcome, students, parents, superintendents, teachers, even angry tax payers stopped by.

She loved everyone, she believed in everyone and she brought out the best in all of us. I have never met someone with so much positive energy. Her passionate excitement for life was contagious. She instilled in us the desire to be our best. “Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats!”

One article isn’t enough for all the memories we have of her. There are countless stories of her accomplishments and achievements. However, she wouldn’t want to talk about those. She lived to serve others and always wanted to know “your story.” She loved people, she loved education and she loved Blanchester.

Her dedication to serve was on display as she served as a Blanchester school board member for decades. She was a champion for the student-athletes over the years. She was a driving force why many BHS graduates become educators. Many times I would chat with Claire and she would say, “You know, Mr. Goldie, you would make a great teacher one day.”

My two best friends just happened to be her two boys, Alan and Eric. She loved them and never missed a sporting event they participated in. She would have her cow-bell ringing. You could hear her yelling support from miles away.

Claire recently got to witness her son Alan get inducted into the Clinton County Sports Hall of Fame. After a stellar career at BHS, he was a standout player for the Wilmington College baseball team and her famous phrase eventually grew into, “Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats & Quakers.”

Icons and legends like Claire are supposed to live forever. As sad as I am to learn of her passing, I realize that icons and legends don’t live forever. Her spirit, her energy, and love for people, lives on in all of us, though.

“Good Times, Fun Times, Go Cats.”

Dusty Goldie