Ups and downs of gas prices

If you haven’t noticed recently, the price of gasoline, especially locally, has gone up and down like a roller coaster, from $1.78 or so and currently up to $2.05 with three locations up to $2.08-$2.09. Why? Is it because “Big Oil” hasn’t been making the outlandish profits over the past few months as they have in the past … probably!

Another interesting observation is that nearly all of our local outlets are at a $2.05 per gallon pricing. Is this pricing based on supply or demand, or is it competitive pricing, or is it sort of an agreement that we are all going to charge the same price for a gallon of gas?

We all appreciate low prices on gasoline and we have in fact enjoyed it over the past several months, but what exactly would cause an increase in price with the price of crude oil at nearly an all-time low? Oh, it’s not based on supply and demand, it’s just that suppliers and retailers want to make a few more bucks off of us loyal consumers? I think so!

Should we just fill our tanks half-full at the pump and send a message?

George R. Cook