Is there a sportsmanship problem?

I am writing in response to the latest round of comments regarding the SCOL and why Wilmington and Clinton-Massie got the short end. One article suggested that because the other schools were having to play against Wilmington and Clinton-Massie every year — and every year they were up against a very good, skilled team and lost — it seemed a problem.

Gee, where’s the sportsmanship and learning how to win and lose business going on? Seems to me there’s more jealousy than necessary (which is highly inappropriate and unbecoming for sports teams). Do these teams not play other schools where they go up against tough competition?

As I remember, when a discussion was had about teams to be played against in the Final Four, Elite Eight, etc., there was mention of some teams being “powerhouses” or having “big reputations.” There wasn’t any problem with that.

So, is there a sportsmanship problem here? If so, it needs to be remedied.

Jan Widman