Grateful for local healthcare team

We want to express our sincere gratitude to the health care professionals at CMH.

Our loved one was transported to CMH on Saturday suffering from a heart attack. The CMH team worked swiftly and diligently to bring her back. It was like nothing I have ever seen; the teamwork, communication, and compassion were indescribable. The nurses sweating, never stopping, and literally doing everything they could to save our loved one. They were able to get her to the cardiac cath lab and stabilized for transport but sadly she did not make it.

Though the outcome was not what we wanted, we are still thankful for the great life-saving resources in our community and the healthcare workers who show up every day prepared to care for us.

The great staff in the ER, cardiac cath lab, security, respiratory therapy, and others who we will never be able to identify who contributed to making our family feel loved during a life-changing day. Know you made a difference.

We know that is “your job” and what “you do”, probably more often than most think. But what we saw on Saturday was a room full of professionals that were fighting for our wife, grandma, mom, sister, aunt, and who were not going to give up.

Thank you for your selflessness and great contributions to our community.

You make us proud.

The family of Kaye Doyle