Invest in our future leaders and support Wilmington City Schools renewal levy

As a teacher at Wilmington City Schools for nearly a decade, it has been my great honor and privilege to work with many students who have impressed me with their strength, perseverance, and determination while pursuing their goals. The students who walk our halls now are the future — they will be the ones to step up and lead when the time comes. Those of us lucky enough to call Wilmington City Schools home are dedicated to making those students and this community successful and feel a level of personal investment just the same as every parent and community member.

I urge you all to remember that we must make a conscious decision each election cycle to support our community organizations, including schools. Those charged with leading the district have worked hard to ensure that students have better resources, better options and, ultimately, a better education so they are prepared to take that next step into community leadership.

Don’t look at this as an investment in buildings, books, or buses; look at it as an investment into our students and our community — these are things worth supporting.

I hope you may take a moment to reflect on the continual investment we must all make in our communities and that our students make up the foundation and benefactors of that investment. Show these students that we have their backs. Show the school district employees that they are supported in the community.

Show Wilmington that it is a place worth investing in.

Dillon Oney