Trump a success, Biden a failure

Successes and failures. We all know both are a fact of life, but in the political spectrum each becomes quite evident when you compare the two most recent administrations. First, the successes of the Donald J. Trump Administration: Energy independence; lowest unemployment numbers in all classes ever — rate lowest in 50 years; control of the southern border; Iran and North Korea held in check; price of oil and gasoline at much lower levels than today; ISIS, for all purposes, gone; the USA respected around the world vs. today; massive deregulation to help small businesses; brought jobs, factories and industries back to the USA; major tax cuts/relief to U.S. middle class; appointed historic number of federal judges; returned American leadership abroad; rebuilt our great military which had suffered under the previous administration; reformed the VA which was in decay; stock market hit an all-time high; and importantly pushed through in record time the COVID-19 vaccine.

Now on the other hand, failures and the leader in this category — Joe Biden: a travesty with regard to the Afghanistan withdrawal; an absolute failure in terms of the southern border with millions of illegal immigrants and criminals pouring into the US and then wanting to make payments to the illegal immigrants; kowtowing to China, a real threat to the U.S.; surging inflation; price of gasoline skyrocketing; bankrupting America with his socialist spending spree; Covid-19 back and forth confusion and direction; cheap bipartisan talk which has been pure baloney; siding with school boards and teacher’s union with CRT agendas etc. as opposed to supporting the parents of the children; finally a complete supply chain disaster.

Now logically, if one compared these two categories above it is clear to see which category favors President Donald Trump and which one favors President Joe Biden, in terms of success vs. failure

George R. Cook