Pro-empathy voters: Vote Democratic

Pro-empathy voters want caring candidates because empathy is the soul of our republic and democratic institutions. Democrats welcome local pro-empathy voters, and I hope you’ll consider voting for Democrats this year. We care.

Progressivism’s ideal America is a strong, diverse community of nurturing families caring for each other, leading to freedom for all. We want strong, diverse nurturing ethical businesses and public government. We want an effective politics of care. We are the solution to anti-empathy governance and carbon pollution that threatens everyone we love. For example, we want to keep Social Security and expand Medicare.

Anti-empathy voters, in contrast, want cruel candidates because autocracy is the soul of fascism that dismantles democratic institutions, so only billionaires are free. Conservatism’s ideal America is an intimidating, white community of obedient strict father families following a so-called divine dictator. Conservatism condones big liars like Fox. They want their corrupt businesses to run our lives like slaves by taking over public government. Their limited politics of care will end Social Security and Medicare.

Conservatism’s anti-empathy ideology threatened America from its beginning when white founders framed a slave state. Progressive abolitionists, women, and the enslaved are responsible for fuller freedoms we enjoy, which are now threatened again. Progressives won the Civil War, provided women and people of color the vote, and continue to promote progress in expanding freedom for all. Conservatism’s infection of the local GOP inspired a DC insurrectionist, and loser POTUS45’s big lie still hasn’t been condemned.

Clinton County pro-empathy families helped me build a successful business in Wilmington at Edward Jones. Thanks to them, I was able to retire having opened three additional offices. Conservatism ruined the party of Abraham Lincoln. Want to protect women from forced pregnancy? It’s time for local pro-empathy voters to consider voting for Democrats.

Charles Watts