Clinton guilty, or not guilty, or …?

The FBI Investigation is completed and the report of its findings by FBI Director James B. Comey is rather scathing, but no criminal charges are being recommended to the Justice Department … really? Hard for most of us to accept and at the least to understand. The final recommendation by the FBI is confusing and alarming to many Washington lawmakers, and the House Oversight & Government Reform Committee requested an appearance of FBI Director Comey to answer some specific questions with regard to his recommendation.

Director Comey’s first several minutes of his debriefing sounded very much like it was going to end up with some type of guilty verdict for what Mrs. Clinton had done.

The rebuke of Mrs. Clinton by Director Comey was that she had been “extremely careless” in using a private email address and server. And more damaging was that he raised serious questions about her overall judgment in the handling of emails in question. He also contradicted her previous statements that she has repeatedly made regarding the handling of the emails. Further, he stated that it “was possible” that hostile foreign governments had gained a access to her email account. And finally declared that a person still employed by the government could have faced disciplinary actions for doing “what she did!”

All of the above specifics noted by Director Comey are in direct contrast to previous statements/testimony by Mrs. Clinton

Director Comey’s recommendation that no criminal charges be filed against Mrs. Clinton, was based on her “not intentionally” sending or receiving classified documents on her private email servers. Most of us would say “so what” she still did it … seemingly knowingly … isn’t this intentionally??

One would surely, following the release of the FBI’s findings, question the “judgment” of Mrs. Clinton while Secretary of State. Being “extremely careless and not using good judgment” would certainly question the qualifications of Mrs. Clinton as the potential president of the United States! After all she has been asserting that the presumptive GOP candidate for President of the United States, Donald Trump, has poor judgment and a lack of qualifications … a bit of hypocrisy don’t you think??? Untruthful to say the least!

A set of rules and regulations for most of us … a different set for the Clintons.

George R Cook