Assure better conduct at dances

She was so excited — my granddaughter’s first homecoming dance! You know how it goes — shopping for just the right dress, then more shopping for the shoes that match the dress perfectly. The appointment to have makeup applied just right. The hair also has to be perfect, so there’s another appointment to place each strand of hair in the proper place.

Finally, everything is just right. Her date brings a wrist corsage, they take the traditional pre-dance pictures, then they are off for an evening of fun!

After all that preparation, my sweet granddaughter was at the homecoming dance for a total of 30 minutes before she called her mother and said, “Come get me! I don’t want to be here!” The reason she wanted to leave the dance was because she said many of the students dancing were “grinding.” If you aren’t familiar with this so-called “dance”, the boy rubs his crotch, or grinds, on the girl’s behind. The chaperones apparently thought this was fine since they did absolutely nothing to stop it.

At schools in other areas, dances have been closed down and the students were sent home because of this lewd and disgusting “dance.” Is this what a school dance has become — a place for boys to get sexually aroused? Apparently the boys don’t even have to know the girl. They just walk up to them and start “grinding.” Is this what I want my school taxes supporting? I think not! I am so proud of my granddaughter for leaving, but she should not have to leave a school dance because she feels uncomfortable, while the chaperones looked on and did nothing. Parents of our children should come together and insist there be no grinding at school dances.

Carol Haines