As a Democrat hearing the constant rhetoric from the Republicans to “Get over it” is becoming quite tiresome. Heed your own words.

Knowing the day after President Obama’s first inauguration the Tea Party was formed proved without a doubt the Republicans did not get over it.

The Tea Party was relentless with insults, contempt, disrespect and refusals of crossing the aisle, and completely refused to accept him as our commander-in-chief.

Trump throughout his campaign stated over and over that the campaign was rigged!

Therefore why are we Democrats berated for not accepting his presidency to be legal, when in fact, it was rigged (his words) in his favor per senator John Lewis.

The Republicans are the ones who need to get over it because all Americans voted for a president (not a king nor his family to rule) but a president who respects our great country and its constitution and all the people it represents.

When Trump respects and accepts our constitution and all its people (not just his base) maybe then the Democratic Party will “get over it.”

Until then newly elected Trump will have to deal with the “Democratic Tea Party.” I’m almost sure it’s going to be a bumpy ride due Trumps’ fragile ego.

Mary Lou Pflanzer