Vote yes for Blan parks

Twenty years ago when we moved to Blanchester, I was not the type of person to “get involved” in anything other than my kids’ school functions.

As a member of the Blanchester parks board for 17 years, I never thought the day would come when we would have to come to voters and ask for money, but here we are. Budget issues facing the parks department are a result of a bigger issue that has trickled down from the state level.

This levy is a 3-mill (not million) levy; take the assessed value of your home and multiply it by .003, and that is the amount you will pay. Example: Market Value $75,000; Assessed Value $26,250; $26,250 x .003 = $78.75 a year.

That is less than $7 a month — our future is worth that! We have over 500 kids that play ball out there throughout the year plus we have the Veterans Memorial as well. Many of you played out there too!

The parks department can promise you, the residents of Blanchester, that we will be fiscally responsible with your money and we will maintain transparency in our accounting practices. We have always remained well within the budget supplied to us in the past.

The levy money will be used to resume full operations at Veterans Memorial Park, finish the concession stand and a few other projects including the gym (water damage) so it can be reopened.

Please vote yes!

Tina Fischer