‘No’ on Ohio drug price issue for all

There is a significant amount of misinformation regarding the “Ohio Drug Price Relief Act” being disseminated. It’s about time a little common sense/Business 101 be considered.

First, the Veterans Administration’s (V.A.) negotiated price is for the distribution of prescription drugs to eligible veterans, worldwide and not just for Ohio.

Second, the veterans would not be the only ones affected by passage of this bill. Large pharmaceutical retailers have negotiated prices also. Therefore, their cost would go up, leading to higher consumer prices.

Finally, if any company is forced, by the government, to sell its product to all of its customers at the same price, then all negotiated prices will be increased, not vice versa.

Reality check: If all grocery retailers were required to sell milk at the same price, would the price at the convenience stores go down or would Kroger’s price go up?

If the Ohio electorate falls for the misinformation campaign promoting the “Yes” vote for the “Ohio Drug Price Relief Act”, everyone will pay more.

Think about it and vote “no” on the “Ohio Drug Price Relief Act.”

Paul Butler