More guns don’t mean more safety

Guns don’t keep us safe and more guns don’t keep us safer.

Nevada is an open carry state and they were not safe. The second amendment does not give Americans the right to own semi-automatic weapons with rounds that allow hundreds of shots per minute. Our founding fathers were talking about muskets, so let everyone have a few muskets. Unless you’re planning an insurrection, you don’t need semi-assault rifles. If you need one to hunt a deer you better visit a target range. At the very least we should prevent mentally unstable people, spousal abusers, felons, and people on no-fly lists from buying guns.

No more exclusion for gun show and online sales. There could be a way for them to appeal their exclusion. Gun collectors could apply for a special license. Also, if hunters have a problem with the noise their weapons make, they should wear earplugs. If the shooter in Las Vegas had a silencer, a lot more people would be dead or injured.

Sherrill Graham