More info on roach property

This is in response to an Oct. 7 WNJ article regarding roach activity at a property in the 1200 block of West Main Street. The WNJ discusses the Clinton County Health District but failed to make contact with anyone from our organization prior to publication resulting in the presentation of an incomplete story. Below are some activities to date by our office:

Sept. 21, our Environmental Health Director conducted a joint inspection with a representative from the City of Wilmington initiated by a complaint received by a neighbor. No one was home at the time of the inspection but through the window of the home, roaches were observed on the walls as well as trash in the interior.

Sept. 25 our Environmental Health Director mailed a letter to the property owner noting the date of the inspection and the reason, followed by the findings along with a statement that “to have this many roaches visible in daylight means a very large infestation” along with “Infestations of this degree should be treated by a professional exterminator. The entire building needs to be treated properly to ensure the extermination of the infestation. A roach infestation, which effects neighboring properties, is considered a public health nuisance and requires immediate treatment.”

Oct. 6, our Environmental Health Director received a report from the Wilmington Police Department regarding the observations of “bugs/cockroaches all over the house and porch of 1295 W. Main St.” advising neighbors “to go to the next council meeting and make council aware of the issue” and further noting “a report would be faxed to the health department.”

Oct. 9, our Environmental Health Director reinspected the property and observed much improvement to the property, noting that workers were doing repairs. The workers on duty noted that the home had been treated by a professional exterminator multiple times. Walking throughout the entire interior of the home, “1 live roach was observed.”

We are glad that the property owner has been responsive to Wilmington ordinances and the recommendation of our Environmental Health Director in using a professional exterminator to eliminate the roach infestation. We feel very sorry that the neighboring property owners had to deal with this nuisance. No one should have to deal with these conditions.

Please do not hesitate to contact me for additional information regarding this issue or any other concern at 937-382-3829 or

Pamela Walker Bauer, MPH, RS

Clinton County Health Commissioner