For Blan tax, but questions about its uses

In the general election in November, the citizens of Blanchester will vote to support or to defeat an earnings tax. I’m in favor of the tax, but I question how our local government proposes to use the money from the tax.

According to the flier the village council is passing around, they will hire a Village Administrator, which will eliminate the Board of Public Affairs (BPA), the three-member board elected to run the Utilities. Historically, the elected members of the BPA have done a fine job managing the electric, water and sanitary sewer departments for the residents of Blanchester. The flier also states that the money from the earnings tax will help fund the police department and street department.

Using this as an example: The tax brings in $400,000. If the order of importance according to the flier is Village Administrator first, it will take close to 20-25 percent of this $400,000 to hire the administrator and pay the salary and benefits.

I feel that maintaining our police department and providing more money for street repairs are more important. These should be done first, before Council even considers hiring a Village Administrator, which would be a new and extra cost to the village.

Harry Brumbaugh