More than a musket will be needed

In response to a recent letter … You are as safe as you are because 50 percent of Americans own guns. Thus, the bad guys do not know who is armed and who is not. Wasn’t it fortunate that well-armed American citizens willingly gave up their personal firearms during World War II and sent them to the English citizens, since the English government confiscated their guns prior to the war?

Nancy P, Diana F. and Chuck S. call for gun control laws even though they already know there is an abundance of federal, state and local gun laws already. They do not want more gun control laws, they just do not want anyone but themselves and the rest of their limousine liberals to have guns. The first thing a tyrant or dictator does is to disarm the population; Hitler comes to mind along with others.

All gun stores have Federal Firearm Licenses (FFL) as well as 90 percent of gun show dealers. All online gun sales must go through an FFL dealer as well. All of these dealers require you, the buyer, to fill out an extensive form and then the FFL dealer immediately phones the ATF/FBI and there is a background check. Felons and criminals will not pass this background check as well as anyone convicted of domestic violence. Ne felon can buy, own, or be in possession of a gun.

Nevada is an open carry state. If that murderer in Las Vegas wasn’t on the 32nd floor of a hotel but in a crowd of 22,000 people, I can guarantee you he would have been shot in about 5 seconds.

I am well-armed, but AR15’s are not really mu cup of tea. Nobody really hunts with them; they are primarily used for taget shooting and home defense. here is food for thought: There is a very good possibility that China, Russia or North Korea will someday cyber-atttack our power grid and in all likelihood it would be down 3-5 months. Your friends, neighbors and others will rob, hurt or even kill you for food and water. It is then that you will wish you had something besides a musket to defend yourself, and I will wish that I had bought that AR15.

Some people just don’t like guns or are afraid of them, and I do get that.

Jon Emmich