Beware of OPERS administering

Are you an OPERS (Ohio Public Employees Retirement System) retiree? Have you ever had any problems with OneExchange which is administering the OPERS retirement benefits?

My husband passed away in 2016. I had been diligent about submitting medical expenses for reimbursement. I would call and was told the information would be forwarded to the appropriate person. I never received a single return call or an attempt to reconcile the difference between what I had submitted and the lesser amount that at some point would appear in our checking account.

Since my husband’s death, I would regularly receive a statement that showed a balance of almost $1,500 in his account. This was money that had originally been taken out of his retirement benefits. If the medical bills I submitted had been paid, the account would have been zeroed out. One claim which was denied was $1,000 paid to a nursing care facility. When I received the most recent statement from OneExchange, I really saw red.

I called State Rep. Cliff Rosenberger’s office and spoke to a very courteous young man. He said he would refer the information to the proper committee. In less than 24 hours I received a phone call from OneExchange. The individual said that they had received a referral that a spouse of a deceased employee was having a problem obtaining the benefits remaining in the account. He explained what I had to do and that it had to be done within two years of the death or the money would be forfeited. I had to get documentation from Social Security on my Social Security benefits. This seems odd.

Call your representative. Perhaps we need to ask our representatives to check on companies who may be administering any state account. How reputable, helpful and transparent are these companies? OneExchange denied knowledge of contact from a legislator, but I wish to thank Mr. Rosenberger and his staff for anything his office may have done to help resolve my problem.

Elizabeth Mitchell