The Creator and teaching students

I greatly appreciated the information Jack Hatten submitted to your paper concerning the value of the New Life Clinic and the new Wilmington City Schools Superintendent removing its influence from the classrooms. The superintendent that retired this past year wanted to put a tax levy on the ballot about three years ago and invited the public to an open forum. I approached him with the following question: “In any of your social studies classes, does your curriculum include how to be a good husband, a good wife, a good father and a good mother?” These are the foundational titles of any successful family which is necessary for a healthy society.

The superintendent’s answer was no, we can’t agree on what should be taught. The new superintendent recently stated, “All our licensed teachers in this curricular area are designated as ‘High qualified’ by the Ohio Department of Education.” The ODE cannot change the importance of the Creator’s designed gender. Children can only be born through the genes men and women are created with, one male and one female. The Creator defined marriage as one woman and one man, leaving their father and mother’s home, and joining together to procreate life, living together until the death of one of them. If they enter marriage without having premarital sex and remain faithful to each other, there are no sexually transmitted diseases. One man and one woman is the only way life is procreated. I would think teachers would want society to follow God’s plan so their jobs would continue with children to teach.

How do your licensed teachers that teach about life handle abortion? Abortion eliminates one of the greatest joys of life, creating a family, and passing one’s personal heritage on to the next generation. The fruit of the womb is a reward from God. Abortion also reduces the need for teachers.

There is one basic ingredient that makes a good husband, wife, father and mother. That ingredient is love. God’s kind of love is not taught at the public universities in our society. Jack Hatten had it right when he said, “The New Life Clinic offers hope and a chance for these students to understand what a healthy relationship looks like.” They teach the importance of love, what it really is, and how it works.

Doug Terrill