Far left and double standards

It seems that the Left has adopted a position quite contrary to our “rule of law” when it comes to “alleged charges.” The latest one involves the nominated Senator from Alabama – former Alabama Supreme Court Judge Roy Moore. But then this is not the first case for them — Remember “Hands Up Don’t Shoot”? The Trayvon Martin episode in Florida? And then there is the Hollywood Elite (who supported Hillary Clinton’s Campaign — Harvey Weinstein, an alleged sexual predator) … according to the Left … ”not guilty” until proven along with all of the now discovered Hollywood elite sexual predators!

And now we have the case involving Matt Lauer with the “button under his desk” for privacy (and nobody knew about it and were absolutely shocked when it was discovered … oh sure. Oh and let us not forget the “iconic” Representative from Michigan Mr. Conyers who allegedly has a little “hush fund” to buy off his alleged predatory activities? I also recall Senator Al Franken who has also been caught pictorially speaking involving some sexual advances!

But someone indicated to me the other day that former Democratic President William Jefferson Clinton “set the bar” for this kind of sexual misconduct. We have to wonder, don’t we? The double standard continues with the Democrats — ”our party is not guilty” until proven … but … “your party is in fact guilty from the get go” and don’t you forget it!” And of course, the mainstream press jumps on the bandwagon from the outset with the “guilty verdict” long before the facts are uncovered and made public. Mainstream media (which President Trump rightly calls “fake news”) always reports their made-up facts much before the real facts are actually known.

George Cook