Mueller needs to give it up

Mr. Mueller, you have been on this “witch hunt” for 12+ months and have turned over every rock out there and found nothing with regard to the Trump organization and collusion with the Russians. Oh I forgot you have “indicted the Russians” — are you going to subpoena them? I am sure they would be glad to appear before you behind a closed-door session. It would be a real laugher. They might say “sue me.”

It seems that you are veering off from your “original charter” of Russian collusion with the Trump organization. It’s sounding more and more like the so-called Russian collusion centers on the opposite political party with regard to seeking, receiving and paying for the so called “fake dossier” from Mr. Steele which led to the false fisa warrants that led to the unmasking of legal U.S. citizens, some undoubtedly connected to and involved in the Trump organization in an attempt to discredit the president’s legal and justified election? The so-called “rigging” during the election campaign, as I recall, was on the DNC’s side involving poor Bernie Sanders, was it not? Maybe you should subpoena the Trump’s children — oh you say they are next, behind closed doors?

I must say your investigating organization is a little suspect, isn’t it? Loaded with Democrat supporters, donors etc. Two of your team members, Mr. Weissman and Mr. Strzok, are certainly sterling selections as we have later discovered. But nothing biased about that right? Investigations are fine to get to the truth about various activities, but I believe the real investigation on the other side of the house is in full swing and the real truth about collusion and subversive activities is about to unfold for the public, so they can finally get the real story about what happened.

Looks like it is finally starting with the release of Mr. McCabe and the inspector general’s full report in a series of releases is about ready to give real credence as to what really happened. I do think that you could have a real future with CNN as one of their political commentators, though, Mr. Mueller. And no doubt any forthcoming book would be a best-seller for the Left.

George Cook