Sabina citizens, do the right thing

These comments are in reference to an article in the Wilmington News Journal Oct. 24 concerning the question of zoning for Sabina. The end of the article referenced the official Sabina website of Sabina and stated that the zoning ordinance could be found under the name “Lewis’ Zoning Proposal.”

The Citizens Initiative Petition was the product of a group of citizens called “Sabina Forward Committee”, and although William C. Lewis is a driving force of the committee, it is not “his” zoning proposal.

Since the above-mentioned website is financially backed by the Village of Sabina, it is a two-fold, underhanded attack by the individual who maintains the website. It slams Mr. Lewis and it belittles the citizens who proposed this initiative petition by not acknowledging them. It is very obviously politically motivated; these actions are totally wrong — they violate the public trust and they raise some questionable election violations.

As election day approaches, please get all the correct facts on the land use zoning ordinance. Be sure to vote “yes” for Sabina zoning. Please support our citizens who are council candidates, Gary Goodman and Abe Arnold. Please support William C. Lewis for Mayor.

Thomas G. Foster