Gratitude to WPD officers

The week of May 15th begins National Police Week. This week was founded in 1962 as a means to thank all police officers and pay tribute to those that have lost their lives in the line of duty.

Last year alone our officers responded to a little over 18,000 calls for service and made 1,200 arrests. Calls range from service-oriented calls to domestics, sex offenses, child neglect/abuse, shots fired calls, and aggravated assaults.

The Wilmington police have been committed to this community since its inception. Over the years we have had some great Wilmington citizens wear our badge. The officers before us have left a legacy that the current force carries on proudly.

As officers’ face new challenges like the heroin epidemic, mental health-related incidents, and the evolution of technology crimes, I can’t thank our officers enough for their continued effort.

Officers seem to find themselves in fast-evolving situations, like foot pursuits in alleys to people high on methamphetamines trying to cause an officer harm. You don’t have to look any further than Westerville to see that tragedy can strike anywhere.

Years ago, big city crime was a rarity in our community. Today it is more common.

I am grateful for each and every officer we have and I can’t thank enough Sgt. Martin, Sgt. Fithen, Sgt. Cravens, Sgt. Rager, Chief Det. Riley, Ptl. Black, Det. Wilson, Ptl. Gibson, Ptl. Hamilton, Ptl. Estle, Det. Baker, Ptl. Popp, Ptl. Smithson, Ptl. Binkley, Ptl. Mitchell, Ptl. W. Johnson, Ptl. T. Johnson, Ptl. Juillerat, Ptl. Mayberry, and Ptl. Dunn.

I would also like to extend my thanks to the spouses of our officers as well.

Duane Weyand

Chief of Police