Players should love America or leave it

Last fall football fans experienced a disturbing phenomenon — NFL players kneeling during the National Anthem and before the flag. Later some said it was their expression of dismay for one ideology or another. Others were angry because Trump was elected president. So they decided to disrupt the games by shifting the focus to themselves, as apparently they thought their disruption would bring attention to their opinions. It did.

However, it backfired on them as sales of NFL clothing and such dropped dramatically and so did game-day ticket sales. Fans were not happy. Now the NFL has offered its idea of a solution: Kneeling players will stay in the locker room during the presentation of the flag and singing of the National Anthem. That won’t work. When the players take the field they will no doubt be booed and they may react inappropriately.

The NFL’s alternative solution is to fine those players. Seriously? A fine of $20,000 or even $50,000 is pocket change to these guys. It probably won’t stop them. I have a suggestion: How about you rich, whiny, all-about-me, unappreciative and unpatriotic players move to another nation. Let’s see if you can still make your multiple millions.

In the ’70s we had a phrase that applies so perfectly here: “America — Love It or Leave it.”

Dottie Flaugher